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What You'll Learn

Professional qualification in Sales and Marketing, provide the perfect introduction to one of the most critically important and increasingly powerful elements of beginning, managing and maintaining the contemporary business.

The candidates will explore a series of key sales and marketing concepts from the perspective of a professional business environment. Course content covers the definitions of and differences between marketing and sales, development and implementation of a professional marketing plan, and careful market analysis .

The first course unit begins with a broad introduction to sales and marketing, incorporating an investigation into the various elements of a successful marketing strategy, the importance of influence and persuasion, the concept of the marketing cycle and how to both recognise and respond to current marketing /audience trends.

Why Sales & Marketing?


• If you are interested in developing your sales and/or marketing knowledge.
• If you want to develop sales and marketing skills consistent with the current principles and practices.
• If you want to formalise your sales and marketing skills with best in practice and improve your career and job prospects.
• If you want to bring best in class marketing principles to your business ensure optimum success.
• If you want to differentiate your company and yourself in your ability to manage sales, marketing and communications function.
• If you want to gain the skills to structure, formalise and impelment sales and marketing campaigns.

Course Content

• Role of selling in Marketing and sales strategy
• Sales environment & sales technique
• Sales management & control
• Understand the role & function of marketing

• Marketing environment & its effect on marketing planing
• Understand, apply & adopt marketing mix
• Integrated marketing communication & customer communication

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Pay QAR 500 and access to four chapters and videos and course materials.

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With premium plan you can access to half of the course, videos and course resources

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